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Most homes have posters hanging, but these are usually cheap reprints that people buy for a few hundred dollars, spend for a while and throw away when they have become boring. It is a cheap alternative to real art, especially if one does not want to settle for mediocre art. But since this is a use-and-throw-away culture, the cheap price is an expense for something temporary, and certainly not sustainable.

Original vintage posters – Real poster art

The posters that you find on plakatkunst.dk are not reprinted, but posters from the original print which have a value that does not fade over time – on the contrary. Buying real poster art is an investment, and an industry on an equal footing with, for example, painting. At auction houses all over the world, exquisite posters from a bygone era are traded at prices that are second to none for the rest of the art. It also appears that the prices of many of our most expensive posters. Prices which are assessed on the basis of many years of experience and expertise from both our own experts in consultation with the sellers of the posters. Most posters you will find here are not for sale anywhere else in the world. So what is the correct price? We dare say that you make a good investment by buying any of our posters. The prices are not set too high, as both the seller and plakatkunst.dk want to sell the posters.

The Basque Coast poster 4
Royal Mail Lines 1

Our mission

On forgotten ceilings and in private collections, there are high-value historical posters. It is our our mission to give owners the opportunity to sell their poster art to ordinary homes at a fair price, and generally ensure a secure transfer of both the money and the posters.

How does it work?

If you have a poster that you would like to sell, we will evaluate the poster and place it in our webshop for DKK 149 per poster. When a buyer wants to buy the poster, the buyer makes his payment in our secure webshop. We then send the order information to the seller, who sends the poster to the buyer the following day according to our high standards for both packaging and delivery company. Once the buyer has received the order, which we know through the delivery company, we release the payment to the seller. A payment which for the seller will most often be tax-free, as it is a personal collection.

A fee of 5% of the sales price goes to plakatkunst.dk. In addition, there is a 2% fee to the payment provider.


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