We take care of every single poster that is put up for sale on this page, and therefore dare to say goodbye to all the posters. However, you do not have to take our word for good goods. You have a 14-day right of return on all products.

We have seen and evaluated every single poster that is put up for sale on this page, but it is the seller who decides the price in the end. If it is unreasonably high, however, we will most likely not sell it to you.

If you have an old poster that you think is worth a lot of money, please contact us finally. It only costs DKK 149 to get us to evaluate your poster and put it in the shop at a fair price. You actually decide the price yourself, but if it is too far from our assessment, we will probably not try to sell it for you. However, the DKK 149 is still the price for us to decide on your poster. If we manage to sell it for you, it costs 7% of the sales price – 5% which goes to us and 2% which goes to the payment provider.

There is a 14-day return policy on all products. however, our posters will always be “defective” to a very different extent, as we only sell very old posters. You can read about the condition of each poster in the product descriptions.

If you receive a defective frame, just contact us. It happens incredibly rarely, but when it does, we usually just send you a new one.

You are very welcome to sign up for our newsletter, but if you want the opportunity to see every single poster we receive, follow us on the social media Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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