70x70 wooden frames

70×70 cm (27.6 x 27.6 in) wooden frames in high quality wood. All our 70×70 wooden frames are 2 cm wide, as narrower frames are not stable enough for this large format. In addition, we also believe that 2 cm is the most beautiful width for the 70×70 frames. We offer 70×70 frames with a mount that fits 60×60, 50×50, 40×40 or 30×30 posters. If you have a 70×70 poster that you want to have mounted, you can order a frame with special dimensions, in exactly the size you wish. We only offer white mounts online, but if you contact us, we can probably provide exactly the color you want.

For your 70×70 frame, you can choose normal glass, plexiglass, non-reflective glass or the exclusive museum glass which protects against UV rays better than other types of glass. Besides this, museums glass acts like ordinary glass.

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